New cake trends that will change your wedding

Wedding traditions varies from country to country. As an example in the UK it is bad luck to see your future husband before the ceremony while in Poland Bride and Groom leaving the house together to get to the venue where they will getting married. But there is few traditions that are celebrate all over the world such as first dance and  CAKE CUTTING!

Originally the cake cutting tradition going back as far as Roman times and it was to bring good luck to the married couple and their guests. The groom would break the pace of bread (they didn’t innovated cakes by that point) above the bride’s head to symbolize the end of bride’s virginal state. Now they role of the wedding cake changed significantly and is more used as a centrepiece. The newly weds cut the first pace of the cake together and feed it to each other while the rest of the cake is served to the wedding guests.

Wedding cake is the second- after the bride-centre of attention that’s why it needs to be spectacular!!! In this post I will show you few wedding cake trends that are taking over by storm!!!


Their are one of the biggest wedding cake trends at the moment and will definitely WOW your guests

13884596_10208752390263078_488245747_n.png 13900384_10208752392703139_2097165130_n.png 13933250_10208752398503284_1661247643_n.png


As the name specify this type of cake is covered in flowers. I had this type of cake for my own wedding and I loved it but I have to admit- it was a bit challenging to cut as we had to remove some of the flowers first




Those cakes are perfect if you having rustic type of wedding. Normally they don’t have any or very little of icing so you can see what’s inside



Huge and very, very tall! Sometimes even 15 tires tall but most of the tires are made out of polystyrene to reduce the cost and the weight of the cake. This sort of cake would definitely stand out at your wedding

13884368_10208752603588411_27196119_n.png 13884550_10208752599628312_1033931010_n.png 13936483_10208752601668363_811264970_n.png


They are beautiful and very artistic! You can have them personalised any way you want to match with the them of your wedding

13884339_10208752680790341_1210747643_n.png 13936790_10208752673630162_1202102855_n.png 13942167_10208752676590236_1152976718_n.png


Which type of cake is your favourite? Let me know in comments 🙂