Festival Wedding

Yay! The summer is officially here which means that the wedding and festival seasons started! In this post we give you some ideas on how to get best of both by combining it together and organising #festival wedding that is not only going to be better than Glastonbury but it will also be remembered by everyone for years

With this idea comes lots of positives:

  • you can do most of the things by yourself which would help you reduce the costs- lots of venues wont lets you decorate the room by yourself as they want to sell you their wedding planning services, which obviously costs a few £££’s
  • You can also do it in almost any location- your parents garden, field or barn. This means you could have almost anything you want from bouncy castle, firework display and burger van
  • Your guests could stay in the tents and have a little camping holiday at the same time, this mean no expensive rooms for your guests of worries of how your guests get from the Church to the venue as everything would be in one place
  • You can bring your own alcohol, food or you can even ask your guests to bring their own picnic baskets instead of gifts- the last option is if you’re struggling for money but want to have all your family and friend with you on your special day
  • You can really put your stamp on it- below are a few pictures with what you could do but the list of ideas is endless.
  • It will definitely be different from a standard wedding and people will talk about it for many years to come

But there is also few things to conceder:

  • Outside wedding can go really wrong if the weather isn’t great – even if your wedding is under a big marquee or in the barn your guest may still have to get there through muddy fields. Also think about your beautiful , white wedding dress that could potentially get ruined
  • For this type of wedding it may be more suitable to have band instead of DJ which can increase the cost. Also DJ can play without break while bands normally have 40 mins breaks in between which means you would have to have second type of entertainment so your guest don’t get bored. If you want to have a proper festival experience you could approach few local bands and asked them if they would be interested in doing few songs, this way you could have constant music, variation of songs etc. Lots of new bands would be happy to charge small amounts in return for exposure to larger number of people. BONUS-> you will have to visit lots of bars & pubs to see the bands performing live. you and your friends could pretend you’re talent managers looking for the next music star 😉
  • You would probably have to organise lots of it by yourself and remember every little detail which can be time consuming and stressful-from finding the right venue, renting marquee, chairs & tables to finding catering companies with mobile kitchens
  • Portable Toilets!!!-I will say no more…

You might not be able to get officially married if the venue/ area hasn’t got the right paperwork which means you will have to get married on a later date in a registry office BONUS-> you will have the opportunity to wear your wedding dress more than once 😉

Maybe one of you had/has been to a festival wedding before?! Let me know in comments what your experience was.

I personally have never been to one but this is for sure something I would like to do, so dear brides feel free to send me the invite 😉

There is so much more I could write on this subject… but I will let you to look at a few pictures instead.
Below you will find some inspiring photos from save the date, invitations and deco!
Hope you enjoy it!


Isle of Wight wedding photographer - Chris Cowley

Isle of Wight wedding photographer – Chris Cowley